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Simple Mod to Remove HUD

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:34 pm
by Amran
This is a simple mod which can be used to fully remove the HUD from Enclave, useful for taking screenshots or video during normal gameplay.

Download Enclave_NoHUD

There are two files included, TplCharacters.xrg and Surf_Effects.xtx. TplCharacters.xrg has the line *flags nohud added under the *template_char section (this disables display of the HUD in game). Surf_Effects.xtx has the 'Invisible' flag checked for the crosshair surface (this disables display of the crosshair in game).

To install, first backup your existing TplCharacters.xrg and Surf_Effects.xtx files in case you wish to disable this mod at a later time, then move the files from the archive to their respective directories.

TplCharacters.xrg goes in ..\Enclave\Sbz1\registry
Surf_Effects.xtx goes in ..\Enclave\Sbz1\surfaces