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Enclave Soundtrack

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I've packaged up both the official OST from Enclave as well as the files extracted directly from the game, and am making them available here. The music was composed by Gustaf Grefberg, who has since created soundtracks for many other Starbreeze titles.

Offical OST:
The official OST combines the ambient and battle music for each theme, and contains some additional bonus tracks. I've also included the Sorcery demo mix which was once posted to Starbreezes old web page.
Download Enclave Official OST

Extracted OST:
This OST contains all music tracks from the PC game. Ambient and battle music is kept separate, and I have also included the Xbox main theme (missing from Enclave's PC release).
Download Enclave Extracted OST

Bonus Xbox Credits Music:
An additional bonus is the credits music from the Xbox release of the game. This track is not included in the above downloads.
Download Enclave Xbox Credits Music

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