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XW-Compiler - audio formats

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:57 am
by Go-edit
I have questions about audio formats.

1) Cannot convert the sounds to *. XWC if the file name is too long (for example, Video_consite_finalrender-1sst.wav)

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Error: The sound name Video_consite_finalrender-1sst is too long (class CBUILDER_XWC:: Createsfxdesc, String 526, Mbuildrs. cpp)
Is there any way to fix this?

2) in Starbreeze XW-Compiler can compile sound for different game platforms.

The sound is converted to its own format, for PC -> OGG, for Xbox -> ACM... Playstaion2 and Gamecube?
For PC and Xbox sound is converted without problems.
But if select Playstaion2 and GameCube, the XW-Compiler program will issue an error.

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ERROR: Error creating codec (class CWaveform :: Clmage :: Compress_Sound, line 81, MlmageCompressSound.cpp)
What is the reason you do not know? Need to install somewhere?

It is known that for Playstaion3 used codec LAME - MP3 (Audio Layer 3 MPEG-1).
Have some working ways to convert LAME codec?