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Ogier Tools & Documentation (Getting Started)

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:42 pm
by Amran
More than a decade after the release of Enclave, the engine and level design still shine as some of the best. This forum serves as a community to discuss Ogier, Starbreeze's powerful and easy-to-use tool set, which had been released as a gift to the community in early 2004.

The original tools and documentation that Starbreeze had released can be found at the below ModDB link, as well as the more recent documentation and example level which demonstrates an in depth series of effects and geometry samples from the base game. The Sound Browser Fix can be found here as well, which enables the Sound Browser and in-editor sound for Ogier.

To begin working with Enclave, you will want to download the following:

Primary Resources:
Ogier Version 101 (In addition, you may also wish to also download Ogier Version 102) - Link
Enclave GDK Version 103 - Link
Ogier Documentation (PDF & Reference Doc) - Link
Enclave Examples & Documentation - Link

Mod DB Download Page (Enclave GDK, Documentation, & Editing Tools)


Below is a listing of additional resources such as tools for other Starbreeze engine games and tutorials:

Additional Resources:
Ogier Level Editor (Beginner tutorial, also included in Starbreeze Documentation) - Link
Ogier GDK 101 For Knights of the Temple (For creating KotT levels) - Link
Ogier GDK 102 For Riddick (Released for original Butcher Bay, not certain if at all functional with Dark Athena) - Link
Ogier GDK 101 For Riddick (Released for original Butcher Bay, not certain if at all functional with Dark Athena) - Link
Ogier GDK 101 for Quake (Not completed, but with some extra tweaks allows for Quake1 mapping) - Link

Developer Textures for use with Ogier / Enclave (Textures to help with blocking out levels) - Link
Enclave Sound Browser Fix (Allows sounds to be previewed within Ogier) - Link
Ogier Model Examples (Model examples to help with importing custom meshes) - Link
Northern Watch Source (Source files for the Northern Watch custom level) - Link
MapConv (Although not Ogier specific, includes features which can be utilized when building levels for other games using Ogier) - Link

If you have any questions about the tools, or wish to share your own discoveries, feel free to post on this forum. Until then, happy modding!


Re: Ogier Tools & Documentation (Getting Started)

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:43 pm
by Amran
I've just released a set of recompiled Enclave audio files which enable Ogier's Sound Browser and in-editor sound to be used. This fix is available for download from the main link in the top post.

It seems that Enclave's .xwc files are of an older format which the release versions of Ogier are unable to support. I was able to deconstruct these files, and recompile them using a newer format which reads correctly.

"This fix makes it possible to use Ogier's Sound Browser and in-editor sound features. Included are recompiled versions of Enclave's .XWC files which can be read by any of the released versions of Ogier. Also in this archive are the .mmp (source) files for each, which contain the sound information before being compiled."